Ok so you might be asking, who is this guy , what does he know and what has he done so far (see about me).  To briefly summarise me, I have a PhD in cell biology/Biochemistry, worked for one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies and accumulated a decade worth of experience (please note my first scientific article was in 2007 but did work in scientific research prior to this) in scientific research related to a variety of topics including cancer/stem cell biology and tissue engineering.  Check out my google scholar page (

So what do I know about electronics and devices?

Projects I have dabbled in as side projects largely surround home devices include creating a personalised and controllable home gym entertainment system (it always annoyed me that you couldn’t choose the TV channel you watched at the gym when on the treadmills so I created my own).  Others projects include a time lapse camera to make videos of sunrise/sunset etc and a remotely accessible CCTV system which runs a motion detection script and sends e-mails and alerts my smart phone when there is motion (our garage was broken into a couple of times by bike thieving scum bags).   These are all relatively basic starter projects that I couldn’t have achieved without the extensive information on the internet and help of numerous people on forums/blogs. With your help I want to take this to the next level by building a variety of open source low cost lab tools to pre-existing and new lab devices.  For this I can’t do this alone and need you help.

I am currently in the process of designing, programming and constructing.  I will attempt to publish these devices in open source peer reviewed scientific journals.  This is for two reasons, this is something that is necessary for quality and rigor in scientific research and also credibility is key when it comes to gaining support in any field, particularly financial.  I will then subsequently link to these projects from this blog or publish the articles in full here.

The number of projects I think would be interested to complete far outweigh the number of hours there are in a day and will release details of additional projects that people may be interested in getting involved in.  Additionally I am sure there are a community of like minded developers out there, interested in building lab orientated devices that have lots of ideas of their own but don’t yet have the support network to achieve some of their goals. Contact me and we can discuss ways forward.


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