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The forgotten middle authors of science, how there is an I in team

Stimulated by a recent blog post 12 very wise guidelines for surviving science in which @ad_mico reflects on some of his career to date “The applicant has too many papers where he is neither first nor last” struck a chord … Continue reading

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Confession of an early career research scientist (ECR), most of my academic research to date has been ‘published’ in closed source journals

I have a confession to make, most of my* academic research has been ‘published’ in closed source journals both historically and currently excluding a couple of exceptions.  This is despite my own growing moral philosophy and responsibility of seeking to … Continue reading

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Sci-hub, open access and why we need to let go of our obsession with prestige

Much has been said of Sci-hub in recent weeks and has polarised opinions across many different stakeholders (I am not a big fan of this word but business people like it) within the scientific community and beyond.  I won’t go … Continue reading

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Help create a Glocal and local scientific community playground

We are members of gyms, allotments, football clubs, create community gardens and spaces for all manner of purposes.  Why not have lab memberships? Where science and scientific progress can be powered by everyone, not just ‘scientists’. The most traditionally used … Continue reading

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‘Small’ Vs ‘Big’ science

A recent and really very nice paper in PLOS ONE ( investigates the issue of whether funding correlates with increased scientific impact.  The study finds that impact is positively correlates with funding but only very weakly and the authors suggest … Continue reading

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Why basic curiosity driven research is just as important as translational investment

The government recently announced their funding plans for the future of science in the UK.  As in most sectors funding is not set to rise with the budget being frozen at £4.6Billion.  There is an increase on infrastructure and facilities … Continue reading

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Should I do a PhD?

This is a critical question if you are in a position to be contemplating doing one (normally as a result of a subject you are interested in at University).  The first question to answer is do you need to do … Continue reading

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‘Quick wins’ rather than asking truely pertinant questions.

Scientists, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and solving problems, at least the good ones do.  Scientists tend to be good at noticing interesting patterns or coming up with interesting ideas based on what they have heard, often at other … Continue reading

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Combatting principal investigators unrealistic expectations by enabling junoir researchers to lead a group

Do you, or do you want,  to work in academic life science research?  For those of you that do not current work in scientific research, a principal investigator (PI) is normally the person that has had a research proposal successfully … Continue reading

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Why can’t postdocs propose and lead projects

It is increasingly something I am perplexed about, at least in the UK. You need the money to do the research but need the research to gain the money. Therefore how does one gain the independence to get the money … Continue reading

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