Welcome you made it

First off, well done, you made it here, I am pleased you did, well sort of, I am actually rather ambivalent about this but welcome nonetheless (joking of course).  Whether your route of travel to this theatre of intellectual musings was via an internet search engine, through a post on various social media platforms or via my snazzy new domain name biologi.st,  I welcome you to my hopefully witty, but definitely insightful, blog.

The main topics I cover in my blog posts primarily surround information, discussions and thought pieces on science, scientific research and the scientific process.   Don’t fear if you do not consider yourself a scientist, most of us are natural scientists without realising and even if you really don’t consider yourself a scientist, I hope there will be some treats in the form of useful information for you also.  Whilst I naturally gravitate to scientific musings, the scientific method is an extremely useful framework for helping to consider evidence, so there may be some minor or severe drifting in topics away from science.  I just figured I may have some useful tacit information I have picked up along the way and stored somewhere on my biological hard drive and given that the internet was created to be open and I like to write then why not, what possibly could go wrong.

If you are interested in what areas of scientific research I am involved in see my google scholar page.  For the bean counters amongst you, yes I realise google scholar is not necessarily the most accurate for citation data and I appreciate this (although it is nice that my citation graph goes up).  I link to my google scholar page merely to indicate what areas of research I am interested in (its fairly varied).  You can also follow me on twitter @dradamglen, the reason for the dradamglen and not just adamglen, is that the latter username was taken.  I didn’t add the Dr so I sound academically pompous or superior.  I have completed the requirements for a PhD but I don’t care if you have done a PhD or not, it can help with scientific thinking, although its about the process you go through not the qualification you get.  It does not however mean I am a better scientists than anyone else.

All the above aside, I hope you discover some useful information contained within and please do pass on to others, for a start its quite a creative but easy process to come up with a domain hack (using top level domain names, in this case website country codes to come up with a unique website name), maybe I will ‘publish’ a post about it.  Hopefully my domain name will help you re-navigate your way here to see what insightful information you haven’t received, maybe you can do the same and then tell me about your site.